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I wonder if anybody can let me know if LPs are required to submit the HLF Footprint Reporter at Round Two (or if this is just for the Heritage Grants Scheme)?

- and if we are any guidance would be very handy!

Thanks, Lu

View Louise Cooke's profile Louise Cooke Oct 1 2015 - 4:47pm
  1. Hi Louise,

    Thanks for the question. No, you are not required to submit a carbon footprint assessment to HLF under the LP programme. Hopefully one less thing to worry about!

    All the best,


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  3. Thanks for the speedy reply - indeed one less thing to worry about …


  4. View Louise Cooke's profile Louise Cooke
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  5. Just to add a bit more on this - the footprint assessment only covers the couple of areas where we found the carbon impacts of HLF projects were greatest, building energy use and visitor transport. For the moment that means we've kept it to just the Heritage Grants programme.


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  7. Hello,

    Can anyone confirm whether we have to use an HLF approved supplier to produce our carbon assessment and whether there is a particular model we should follow?

    Many thanks

  8. View John Davies's profile John Davies
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  9. Hello John


    Yes, you use the miodel that HLF jointly developed with a company called Best Foot Forward (though it now trades as Anthesis). You access the model through your round two application form. There's guidance documents there to help you through it, too.


  10. View Gareth Maeer's profile Gareth Maeer
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