Landscape Conservation Action Plans

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Every Landscape Partnership scheme produces a Landscape Conservation Action Plan (LCAP) during their development phase, before embarking on delivery.  It pulls together key information unearthed about the landscape in development, and informs all plans for the next 3, 4 or 5 years - and  beyond the duration of HLF funding.  It's the 'manifesto' for the landscape - incorporating the overall vision for your scheme, the Landscape Character Assessment, various projects responding to the needs of the landscape and local people, and considers long term management and sustainability.  It's a helpful advocacy document too - some partnership boards produce a shorted version to explain the benefits of the scheme to a range of stakeholders.

New guidance about producing an LCAP was published in 2012 on the HLF website, giving ideas about the approach, structure and how the LCAP will be used.

Below are some examples of LCAPs submitted to us by successful applicants of past and existing Landscape Partnerships (LP) schemes. They are only to be used as a guide and should not, and are not intended to, be used as templates. Every LCAP will be different - so it's for you to produce a document that encompasses the needs of your landscape and community, and works well for your partners and everyone who'll be involved.

This discussion post is also the place to ask questions, post comments and share your own experiences. Please add more links to your LCAPs online - there are several out there and this community could be a good place for a 'virtual' archive.

Hope you find this helpful.


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  1. I’ve recently been told about the Campaign to Protect Rural England’s (CPRE) ‘Action Pack’ which helps local people prepare a Community Landscape Character Statement.  It’s a way to record what is valuable and important about the landscapes in which people live or work, and is aimed at complimenting the planning process.  The toolkit is called 'Unlocking the Landscape'.

    CPRE’s intention is that the statement strengthens and influences a local authority Landscape Character Assessment (or one prepared by another UK statutory body). It’s a productive way to record local opinions about a distinct landscape, and captures aspirations for its future use and long term management.

    As part of HLF’s Landscape Partnership LCAP process, you'll need to prepare a Landscape Character Assessment.  CPRE’s toolkit might give you some pointers about how to engage effectively with your local community.  Some of the technicalities relating to statutory planning processes may now be out of date (this toolkit was produced in 2005) but the principles about community involvement, running events and evaluating the process should still be relevant.  It’s not too complicated either – so worth a look at the beginning of your development phase.

    You can order the 44-page document and CD direct from CPRE – I think it’s free!  A short guide is also available online:




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  3. Natural England’s National Character Area project, defining all of England’s 159 major landscape areas, has been just completed.  You can read more about the profiles here. These will be vital for those developing or reviewing their HLF LCAPs in England, and help Landscape Partnerships in delivery to understand any new threats and oppportunties in their scheme area.

    Natural England are also asking for your views on their future landscape guidance -  see more here about their Online consultation, submitting your thoughts to the 'landscape' link.

    For further information please contact Gary Castle Landscape Senior Advisor at Natural England.




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  5. Scottish Natural Heritages toolkit 'Talking About Our Place' could also be useful in produsing landscape conservation action plans as well as giving food for thought on a variety of ways of engaging with your communities.



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