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Dear All

Has any other Landscape Partnership had a project devoted to creating Apprenticeships, and if so, what has been your experience of this?  Most of the others I am aware of have only had internal Apprentice positions, whereas we have a project devoted to creating Apprenticeships outside of our partnership.

Can anyone offer any insights or is anyone currently running something of this nature?




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  1. We have 4 apprenticeships in our current LPS application, but we won't hear if its been successful until October.

    They will being provided by a delivery partner (a charity that specialises in working with disadvantaged people) and are particularly aimed at people towards the end of their journey from service user to employment. The decision not to have them in house was never really a decision because of the specialist challenges of the target audience, but as the AONB is ultimately part of a county council it would have been very difficult to do internally anyway. Being hosted by a CC has many advantages but flexibility in recruitment practices  isn't one of them!

    We started with 2 in the original plan, one at a time for 2 years each in a 4 year programme, but decided to double the numbers; more delivery to a key target group, risk management in case one drops out for any reason, and mutual support between trainees.

    Not a whole lot more I can say at this stage, but contact me off list if you'd like to discuss.

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  3. Hi Lisa

    we have a Trainees project in our round 2 application which we submit next month. Its been a difficult project to develop as the Apprenticeship world has changed so much since our original application back in June 2015, this has meant we are only planning 10 apprentices rather than 20 as originally planned. A colleague of mine has done a lot of work exploring the various standards and frameworks and we are part of a consortium of HE providers bidding for European funds to develop skills across Lancashire. Unfortunately this bid has been delayed so we can't include it as match funds in our HLF scheme, but if successful it will run alongside our LP and provide us with a facilitator to run the scheme in yrs 1 & 2.

    drop me an email if you want to know more

    Pendle Hill LPS

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  5. Hi Lisa,

    We are in the third quarter of our delivery phase and we will be running a project which delivers 2 different but integrated apprenticeships - Countryside Worker and Livestock Farmer.  We have been part of a consortium led by the North York Moors National Park to trailblaze the Countryside Worker standard. 

    As Cathy says the apprentice landscape has been changing over the last couple of years so it is difficult to keep up.  We will be training 12 apprentices in total - 6 of each kind.  The Countryside Workers will be employed by the Peak District National Park (accountable body for the LPS) but work across the partnership so that they gain a range of skills and experiences with a variety of partners.

    The Livestock Farmer apprenticeship has not been trailblazed so is still one of the old style 'frameworks'. These apprentices will be employed by farmers (or small collectives of farmers) in our area.

    As we are running the two apprenticeships side by side, we plan to ensure that there is as much cross-over as possible between the two, i.e. the CWs will spend time on farm with the LFs and the LFs will spend time in the wider countryside with the CWs.  There will be shared training courses too.

    We haven't started yet but are currently recruiting for a Vocational Training Officer whose role it will be to set up the project, plan the work programmes by working closely with partners in the LPS, liase with training providers, supervise and support the apprentices and keep abreast of changes at Government level.

    I'm not sure how you would go about setting up apprentices outside of the partnership?

    I hope the above is of some use.


    South West Peak Landscape Partnership

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