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Here at the Darent Valley LPS, we are just in the process of commissioning a LiDAR survey for the entire valley landscape. This is quite a significant undertaking and is an important element of many of the projects within the scheme. During our previous Valley of Visions LPS we contracted the Foretstry Research's Woodland Heritage Services Group to act as a client liaison (i.e.drawing up specs, supporting the commissioning of the survey, and interpreting and presenting the results from a heritage point of view). Is anyone aware of other organisations that provide the same service? Kent County Council's Procurement Team are requiring us to get other quotes. Any help would be much appreciated!


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  1. Have you looked to see whether the data you need might already be available?

    The Environmnt Agency have extensive LIDAR survey data that is freely available under the OpenGov arrangements   

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  3. Hello Rick,

    Great to hear you are getting bespoke data for your project. With the right spec it''ll be much better that the EA data - though we are really pleased to hear that their coverage is being expanded to cover the whole of England at 1m resolution by 2020!

    Using lidar for heritage and community projects is something I specialise in, so I'd be happy to have a chat with you about this aspect of your project. I managed the spec of the Secrets of the High Woods lidar acquisition and processing, currently run a community lidar transcription project here at AFL and have advised several LSPs and other landscape projects regarding lidar acquisition.

    I also run CIFA accredited training courses for heritage professionals and community groups in my non-LSP time (

    Drop me a line if you'd like to talk this through - I'd be great to hear more about your plan.

    Best wishes,


    Rebecca Bennett

    HLF Project Manager, (p/t Tues-Thurs)  A Forgotten Landscape

    01454 863886 / 07808 024716        



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  5. Hello Rick,

    This is my first HLF Online Community post! Happy to be contributing to such an interesting thread and particularly one relating to an LP, as having been involved in two in my previous job I do have a soft spot for them.

    LiDaR can unlock so much for archeology and also for wider land management, particularly hydrological schemes.

    The North York Moors National Park Authority, where I used to work, have done a lot of LiDaR at very high resolution and may be happy to talk to you about their experiences etc. Not sure whether they would be able to act as client, but there may be some insights, particularly around use in an LP. They have one LP in delivery (LP-12-11278, This Exploited Land which has used LiDaR to inform archeological survey of ironstone mining and industry) and one in development (LP-15-07378, Ryevitalise, which I think is using LiDaR to inform ecological and hydrological work linked to river and land management). I'm sure either of the LP managers, Tom Mutton or Anne-Louise Orange respectively would be happy to chat or saving that the NYMNPA archeologist Graham Lee.

    If you want to read about their experience then the following blog post may be of interest and I think if you go back into the blog they will have other LiDaR posts:

    Very best of look with your LiDaR endeavors and with your LP in general.

    Best wishes,



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