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Are you in need of expert input into the arts, culture and community aspects of your Landscape Partnership?

I am an Edinburgh based sculptor, philosopher and activist, now offering consultancy for landscape- scale intitiatives.  

I served as a very active vice-chair of the award winning  HLF Heart of Teesdale Landscape Partnership from 2011-2016. This LP has been shortlisted for a National Lottery Award.  I helped formulate and develop our CULTURAL LANDSCAPE approach to LP delivery which was key to securing the high levels of community engagement that partly explains our shortlisting for the award. I programmed and project-managed the Artists, Farmers and Philosophers symposium which concluded our partnership and brought together unusual bedfellows to assert the need for grassroots forms of expertise and how to get this kind of expertise feeding upwards into policy formation at local, regional and national levels. For a review of the symposium see:  

I designed our LP legacy plans,and wrote a legacy report which distils the secrets of Heart of Teesdale's success and offers some alternative views to legacy planning (get in touch for a copy). This legacy work framed our successful £1.8million Northern Heartlands bid for HLF's Great Place Scheme, a bid I was instrumental in designing. This GPS project extends over a wider area of County Durham and intends, through arts and discussion activities - including a community opera with Opera North - to explore the stories and geographies of disaffection (the Brexit context is writ large here), aiming to boost community confidence through expressing and strengthening sense of place and district cohesion.  Through this and a multitude of other projects that build upon the successes of Heart of Teesdale, the arts can help carve out a neutral meeting ground between the grassroots and policy makers, between academics and communities. It is through the power of storytelling that people's attachment to place and the values they derive from that can feed into planning processes, health and wellbeing policies, agricultural/environmental policy, economic policy etc.   That the government is alive to this kind of thinking and that HLF is well positioned to deliver it, means that we could be on the cusp of something significant with respect to visionary local governance.

Communities and places are bristling with potential and respond to the right approach. If you think I might be able to contribute to the design/development/legacy planning of your own approach to an LP or Great Place Scheme project, wherever in the UK you are, whether urban or rural, just get in touch on    - I am fascinated by the places I don't yet know and would love to learn more about your place.


Ewan Allinson BA (Oxon) MA

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