Examples of Detailed Agreements with Delivery Partners

Dear All,

As lead organisation for the Colne Valley Landscape Partnership Scheme, Groundwork South wishes to have a detailed agreement in place with all 'delivery partners' for its Delivery Stage.  We are seeking for these agreements (between the lead partner and delivery partner) to be signed prior to our Round 2 submission in February 2018 and they need to convey the seriousness of meeting reporting requirements, abiding by procurement/recruitment rules, dealings with finances and meeting other obligations, etc. including relevant areas of risk and responsibility.  Do any of you have a example we can work from please?

Much appreciated and thanks in advance (to save lots of 'thanks' emails being posted on the forum!)


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  1. Hi,

    I'd also be interested in seeing an example / template of Partnership Agreements between core partners if anyone has any they can share.



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