Save the Date! - LPS Networking Event, 18-20th June (Bristol)

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Dear Fellow Landscape Partnership Colleagues,

A Forgotten Landscape invite you to join us at our end of scheme conference and celebration, on the 18-20th June, (with the main day of workshops on Tuesday the 19th).

We are planning the event as follows:

Mon 18th - participants travel to Bristol with an evening meal / low key welcome event

Tues 19th - a day of workshops (topics to be determined by survey of participants and could involve specific CPD training if there is interest), along with a social in the evening.

Weds 20th - field trip exploring the AFL area, visiting projects and people that we have worked with over the last 3 years.

We hope this will allow everyone a good deal of flexibility to join us, and look forward to seeing you there!

Best wishes,


Rebecca Bennett

HLF Project Manager, (p/t Tues-Thurs)  A Forgotten Landscape, South Gloucestershire Council

01454 863886 / 07808 024716


View Rebecca Bennett's profile Rebecca Bennett Jan 17 2018 - 9:08am
  1. Hi Rebecca,

    That sounds like a helpful event, thanks for sharing the details. Will it be open just to existing LPS grantees or potential applicants like Devon Wildlife Trust? If the latter, I'll discuss with a colleague who may be interested in attending.

    Best wishes,


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  3. Hello Russell,

    The event is open to all LSPs, past, present and future, though I expect the majority of attendees will be from projects in development or delivery.

    If it's easier you can pass on our direct contact to your colleague so that we can add them to the mailing list (assuming they don't have access to this forum).

    Best wishes,



  4. View Rebecca Bennett's profile Rebecca Bennett
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  5. in reply to

    Thanks Rebecca, I'll do so.


  6. View Russell Luscombe's profile Russell Luscombe
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  7. Russell, and anyone else who hasn't heard, be aware that HLF has announced the end of LPS, so there won't be any new ones.  This year's 8 new LPS offers will be the last.

    HLF will have significantly less money overall plus a lower proportion of the total will go to large projects. Any new large projects (over £100k) will be under the Heritage grant stream (only), which is significantly more restrictive than LPS.  Same applies to several other bespoke grant streams such as Parks; all will be subsumed into Heritage Grants.  Overall it looks like very bad news for anyone seeking to work at a landscape scale.

    HLF have also announced  a review over the next year, during which time no new Stage 1 offers will be made (ie there will be zero new grants over the £100k Our Heritage limit anyway).  One development which many find particularly concerning is the intention that Stage 2 grants will become explicitly competitive, rather than subject only to tests of cost effectiveness and deliverability.

    There's a variety of pressures on HLF, but basically they have significantly less funds available to distribute and need to prioitise and adapt.

    Russell, if you were thinking of developing an LPS you'll need to think again.  I suggest to you talk local HLF Officers for advice, but the situation does still seem a bit confused so it may be a while before there are any definitive answers available to anyone.

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  9. Hi Russell and Bill

    Bill is correct that the Landscape Partnerships programme is closed to new applications as of end of last year.  BUT, if you were planning to submit a new LP in 2018 you should still continue but using our standard Heritage Grants (HG) application form.  All the LP guidance to help you is still available once you log on to our portal by submitting a pre-enquiry form under HG. You should complete an HG application but use the guidance notes for LP as the two forms are identical. Do also, as Bill says, talk to our local team in Exeter.

    Bill is also right that under HG there are restrictions that could have affected the way you need to work to deliver an LP.  As a result our Board agreed i December that if you are planning to submit an LP-type project in 2018 then you will be allowed under HG to:-

    • work on both private and public land providing there is clear public benefit (HG is normally more restrictive so this is a temporary change in policy)
    • to prepare a Landscape Conservation Action Plan during the development phase (the HG guidance asks for separate Conservation Plan and Activity Plans)
    • to plan and deliver a community grants programme as many LP's do (not explicitly allowed in HG normally).

    If you do plan to proceed under this route then please talk to the Exeter team and check as i think the last submission date will be 16 August 2018 as we will then close to new applications to prepare for the launch of our new Funding Framework in 2019 onwards.

    Bill is correct that competition is increasing as we see more demand for our grants and we will have less funding available next year. 

    Good luck and if we can help with anything please contact me directly.



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  11. Hi Rebecca,

    This sounds great. I am the new Communincations and Marketing Officer at Greensand Country Landscape Partnership and would be very interested in coming along to this event. Please do keep me updated with further info once you have it.

    Many thanks

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  13. Dear All,

    Just to let you know that we have finalised the programme for the conference (attached) and are now taking bookings. Please take a look at our website for full details and booking information

    We look forward to welcoming you all to South Gloucestershire!

    Rebecca and the team at A Forgotten Landscape

    HLF Project Manager, (p/t Tues-Thurs)  A Forgotten Landscape

    South Gloucestershire Council

    01454 863886 / 07808 024716                  



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