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Hi all. As part of one of  the Inner Forth Landscape Initiative's (IFLI's) 50 projects, called Like the Back of My Hand, we have created a short film to help us share and celebrate the Inner Forth landscape. The film, ‘Our Forth – stories from the Inner Forth landscape’, has been six months in the making, with film makers Bracken Films working closely with myself and the rest of the IFLI team. 

We are immensely grateful to the many partner staff, project leads, volunteers and supporters who contributed to the making of the film. As you can imagine it proved impossible to include all those who were recorded in the 7-min film itself, but by giving their time and sharing their knowledge they all played a significant part in helping Bracken to understand just what makes the Inner Forth worth celebrating. A great example of the power of partnership working!

The film is available direct from our IFLI website, and we are also sharing it via social media and other outlets. We would also be delighted if you were able to share it via your own organisation’s channels, if you think it appropriate. Here is the link:

I hope you enjoy it!


View Sue Walker's profile Sue Walker Nov 29 2017 - 9:38am
  1. Lovely film Sue, and really nice celebration of all the partnership's work!

    We were also thinking of including a film as part of our final evaluation & celebration, so I may have some questions for you and Tom if you don't mind me getting in touch.


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    Hi Ewan

    Many thanks for your kind comments. We'd be delighted to help out if you want to give us a call or drop us an email.




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    Brilliant thanks Sue. I will get in touch after the holidays, hope you have a nice, well deserved break!



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