Update on Output Data Collection for 2017

Update on Output Data Collection for 2017

Dear all

As some of you may be aware we undertook a review of the output data collection exercise this year, including a workshop to hear directly from scheme managers on how it could be improved. Thanks to those who participated the process.

We have now taken the decision to develop an online platform for data collection in future. The move to the online system is designed to make the process simple and more user friendly, in addition to giving us the ability to quickly aggregate data and compare across HLF programmes, while sharing the findings with you in more informative and interesting ways.

In addition, we are reviewing the categories and definitions used in line with the feedback received.

Schemes in delivery

In order to put our effort and resource into developing this for launch next year, we will not request submission of data collected (the excel spread sheets) this year.  There will be the ability for us to retrospectively input this year’s data into the new online system. Therefore, please continue to collect the data as you normally would and we will collect two years’ worth of data in one go next year.

There are two immediate changes we can inform you of:

1. We will no longer ask for visitor numbers to be collected due to the difficulty and often impossibility of achieving accurate results in this category.

2. We will be revising the employment and ethnicity categories to align with the most up to date categorisations used by the Office of National Statistics, therefore it is not necessary to collect data against the categories for this year until we’ve worked through the changes.

Schemes in development

An updated spread sheet will be sent out to newly awarded projects in development to fill in baseline/current data against the categories in that sheet. This is still essential to complete in order to then report progress against in delivery. The sheets will be sent out shortly.

If there are queries regarding data collection please send them to me: christopherf@hlf.org.uk

We will provide further updates as the project progresses.

Many thanks


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