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Bore da,

We are currently in the first year of our development phase and have been discussing in the Access Working Group how best to go about gathering data on visitor numbers in different areas.  Does anyone have experience of using visitor counters and/or visitor surveys to capture data?  We would appreciate hearing any experiences.

Diolch yn fawr – many thanks in advance!

Lois (Carneddau Landscape Partnership)

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  1. Hi Lois. We have recently done a year long visitor survey on the Fife Coastal Path and have some knowledge of use of counters. Happy to discuss

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  3. Bore Da Lois

    We have been working on lots of HLF projects that have involved automated peopel counters, visitor observation studies, visitor surveys etc. Plus we manage one of the evaluation data sets on behalf of HLF for the sister programme to Landscape Partnerships. We also design and deliver monitoring and evalution for a wide range of HLF projects across the UK.


    Please take a look at our web site or call me on 01562 887884 - dwi'n siarad ychydig bach cymraeg! Edrych ymlaen at siarad a chi.

    Hwyl fawr





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