Apprenticeships (12 January, 2017)

Want to know how you can incorporate apprenticeships into an HLF project? Want to find out more about the implications of recent changes to the way that apprenticeships are developed, assessed, delivered and funded?

Join us on Thursday 12 January from 12.30-1.30 pm to discuss this and more.

Jo Reilly (HLF Head of Participation and Learning) and Nick Randell (Policy officer – Skills) will be joined by experts Bob Hook (Intelligence Analyst: Professional Infrastructure and Skills at Historic England), Jennie Godsalve (Engagement Manager at Creative & Cultural Skills), and Rachel Craddock (Young People’s Programmer at the National Gallery) for a wide-ranging discussion on apprenticeships.

Ask us questions about how to provide apprenticeships and what you need to consider to create a quality experience.  Or if you have taken on apprentices, we invite you to share your experiences and lessons learned.  

In the meantime, you might be interested in this blog about how apprenticeships are changing.

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