Archives (16 November, 2017)

In the run-up to the annual Explore Your Archive week (18-26 November; #ExploreYourArchive), we'll be exploring HLF-supported archive projects from across the UK.

Join us on Thursday 16 November to hear from participants of some of the myriad archive projects we've funded, find out about the wealth of information and artifacts held in archives around the UK, and discover some of the most exciting, unusual, and unexpected finds that have been uncovered while exploring archives.

Our guest will share lessons learned while working on HLF-supported archive projects, and share stories that will inspire you to explore your own local archive.

If you've ever thought about applying for funding for an archive-related heritage project, or want to get a taste of what you could discover as a visitor to an archive, tune in on 16 November to find out more, ask us any questions you might have, or even share your own experiences.


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