Crowdfunding (3 December, 2015)

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What are the key things heritage organisations should consider when thinking about a crowdfunding campaign and what types of project work best?

We’ll be discussing crowdfunding in a live chat right here on Thursday 3 December from 12.30-1.30pm.

Joining us to offer their expertise and share top tips will be Raksha Dave, Public Archaeologist at DigVentures, Miranda Rowlands, SHARED Enterprise Project Officer, and Fred Tarr, Community Manager at Spacehive.

Please join in to ask all your crowdfunding questions and share experiences.

View Gemma Thorpe's profile Gemma Thorpe Nov 23 2015 - 2:21pm
  1. Hello, and welcome to our ninth live chat in the Online Community (and our final one for 2015).

    Today we’ll be discussing crowdfunding, and I’m joined by special guests Raksha, Miranda, and Fred, and my HLF colleagues Gemma and Anne.

    Before we get started, a little bit of housekeeping:

    • We encourage everyone following along to ask questions at any time, but we will wait until the end of the chat, once we’ve got through our over-arching questions, to answer these.
    • The screen will not automatically update as each comment is posted, so we would encourage you to refresh your screen every 5-10 minutes to see the latest posts. (Hit F5 on your keyboard to refresh)

    Now, without further ado, I’ll let everyone introduce themselves.

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  3. Ooh, we're having a few technical problems here… please bear with us, sorry

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  5. Hi everyone – looking forward to a lively chat and some searching questions today.  Many thanks to our special guests for joining us and hope you’ll take away some valuable insights.


  6. View Anne Young's profile Anne Young
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  7. Hi All

    I'm Gemma, Catalyst Programme Manager here at HLF. Looking forward to the chat!

  8. View Gemma Thorpe's profile Gemma Thorpe
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  9. We're back up and running!

    Thank you for bearing with us - we'll begin the chat now and carry on until 2pm.

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  11. Hi, I'm Miranda.  I'm delivering SHARED Enterprise, which is Norfolk Museums Service's HLF Catalyst Project.  We're supporting museums in the East of England to develop their fundraising capacity.  I've taken a particular interest in Crowdfudning as I have lots of personal experience of online fundrainsing.  I've run several training sessions on Crowdfunding and also assisted with an NMS campaign earlier this year.

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  13. Hi everyone, I’m Fred, a community manager at Spacehive. A big part of my role is assisting people with their projects, from start to finish. This includes providing technical support and offering advice on how to run successful crowdfunding campaigns. I also supports our partners by developing & nurturing partnerships with Local authorities, businesses, and funding bodies.

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  15. Hi I'm Raksha Dave..Public and Educational Archaeologist, DigVentures LTD

    In 1999, Raksha graduated from the UCL Institute of Archaeology, having already excavated on research projects in Puerto Rico and Texas. In 2000, she secured her first position as a commercial field archaeologist, working for the Museum of London Archaeology Service (now MoLA). After finely tuning her craft over several years, in 2003 Raksha was recruited by Channel Four’s popular archaeology programme Time Team – and she was a regular face on the show until its final episode. She recently presented the BBC Learning Zone Ancient Voices programme on Prehistory, and is a trustee for the Council of British Archaeology (London) and the Young Archaeologists Club. Raksha is one of the original three founding members of DigVentures - the first organisation in the world to crowdfund archaeological research projects

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  17. A belated welcome to everyone - thanks for your patience. Okay, let's jump right in -

    Question 1: What should people take into consideration before starting a crowdfunding campaign?

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  19. The best thing to think about is who your target audience is, which can work two ways.

    Hopefully, it will provide a hit list of people to approach during your campaign. Working out which friends/family will be able to support you straight away, and the businesses and larger funders that might be interested later on, will make you realise the project is possible and save a lot of time and stress worrying about where the money will come from during the campaign.

    The other way it could work is that you can’t come up with a very long list at all, and maybe realise that this project doesn’t have much legs. You can then alter and adapt the project to appeal to more people.

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