Fundraising and endowments (12 July, 2018)

Are you involved in the fundraising activities of your organisation and looking to build long-term financial sustainability? 

Join us for a live chat on Thursday 12 July from 12.30-1.30pm when we'll be discussing what heritage and charitable organisations needs to do to become more resilient and diversify income.

Find out what your organization needs to put in place before starting an endowment campaign, how to build an endowment fund and position it within other fundraising priorities, how to use the appeal of match funding, and how to communicate effectively an endowment to different types of donors. 

Hear first-hand from HLF grantees who have successfully completed their endowment challenge as part of the Catalyst Endowments funding programme. Our guests will share the successes and challenges they faced along their fundraising journey and answer any questions you might have. 

“It had not been in our DNA to ask for money, and that change has now started” - HLF Catalyst Endowment grantee. 

Catalyst Endowments was a joint venture between HLF, Arts Council England and DCMS which offered matched funding worth between £500,000 to £5m to 31 grantees, in the period 2012-2018. The funding programme supported organisations to create or grow an endowment in order to establish long-term sources of income. Grantees collectively raised £53.3million from private investment which was matched by £29.8m from HLF resulting in a total investment in UK heritage of £83.1m. 

You can read further about the impact of the programme in the final evaluation report.

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