HLF Committees (14 September, 2017)

HLF's 12 committees (one for each English region, as well as Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales) are tasked with making decisions on grant applications between £100,000 and just under £2million.

All our committee members share a passion for heritage, but each has come to their individual role through different means, and from different backgrounds.

As we kick off a round of recruitment for new committee members in London and the South East, we wanted to explore in more detail what our committee members do, why they do it, and why they think you should consider doing it, too.

Join us here for a live chat on Thursday 14 September from 12.30-1.30pm where we'll be joined by committee members and HLF staff who work closely with them, to discuss the ins and outs of being an HLF committee member, and answer any questions you might have about what they do, how they assess projects, or even about applying for one of the current vacancies.

View Amy Freeborn's profile Amy Freeborn 11 September 2017
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