Building your case for support

Spending time developing your case for support is a crucial part of the fundraising process and we know that some grantees are looking at this as part of their Catalyst project. Research such as Money for Good UK published by New Philanthropy Capital in 2013 reported that 63% of donors taking part in the study play close attention to how their donation will be used and 58% paying close attention to evidence that the organisation they have donated to is having an impact.

Charities Aid Foundation also noted in their 2014 research, Why We Give, that of those surveyed 'more than eight out of 10 (81%) said that more hard evidence on the impact of charities’ work would be likely to increase giving significantly.'  Whilst these findings suggest the opportunity to grow giving in the future how do you start to put together a case for support?

Have you done any work around this as part of your Catalyst project? If you have any suggestions, tips or helpful tools that you've come across do let us know below.

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  1. Today I found this e-book from Blackbaud, How to Write Fundraising Appeals that Work. Although it's been written for an American audience there are some useful looking tools and points to consider.

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