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Would there be anyone who would be willing to share or be able to point me in the direction of an example of a successful Resiliant Heritage bid.



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  1. Hi Richard,

    Resilient Heritage is still a very new programme - we only launched it in July. A small number of applications have been successful so far. Normally you can see what what awards HLF have made in the 'Our Projects' section of the website - as RH is so new it's not quite working yet for this programme, but will be soon.

    It's also worth mentioning for Resilient Heritage that HLF funding can cover quite a diversity of different activities, and so succesful projects might look quite different from each other. If you did have a project in mind, please do contact your local HLF office as they will be able to give specific advice based on what you had in mind.


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  3. Hi Richard

    You may be interested in this example: www.hlf.org.uk/our-projects/write-future-steps-sustainability-0 which was funded under our Transition Fund, but the work carried out could be supportable under Resilient Heritage.

    As Catherine has mentioned though, each project is different and the programme guidance will give you a better idea of the range of things we can supoprt.

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  5. Hi

    Can I apply to get funding for a PhD research on the subject of retrofit measures for listed 19th C dwellings in the UK using this programme? Can I apply in that case as an individual? If not, could I apply through the University where I study?

    Thank you



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    Hi Michela

    Thanks for your question, unfortunately we wouldn't be able to fund an individual to undertake thier PhD research as, for the most part, the public benefit doesn't outweigh the private gain. Research projects are also generally unlikely to be a good fit for our Resilient Heritage programme as the focus is on building an organisations capacity to manage heritage.

    If you have any further queries fell free to contact the Customer Information Team and they can go through things with you: enquire@hlf.org.uk

    Best wishes


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