Highlights from our SftF live chat

Yesterday we hosted a live chat about our newly-relaunched Skills for the Future programme. The programme aims to help the heritage sector build resilience, introduce innovation, and develop skills. We want to fund traineeships through bursaries to organisations whose budgets are under pressure, and in doing so, ensure there’s a sufficient supply of heritage-skilled people for decades to come.

If you’re interested in applying, please first ensure your organisation’s aspirations meet all five of the aims listed in our guidance (attached below) - we’re putting a particular emphasis on increasing diversity – and we recommend that you then submit a project enquiry form (also below) before the 4 August deadline.

Some key points raised in the chat –

“(The) hunch is that our decision takers will have an appetite to fund innovative ideas that are likely to result in a wider range of people making it into heritage careers.”


  • Target 6th Form and Further Education careers fairs, and don’t forget job centres
  • Seek out a diverse audience – advertise on community radio stations, for example
  • Look for potential and passion rather than (just) qualifications
  • Consider practical, hands-on interviews to assess suitability, rather than relying (just) on an ability to complete application forms

Entry-level training for non-graduates

  • Applications can include training programmes that cover a wide range of locations and experiences to deliver a variation of skills development
  • Offering a mix of qualification levels might make for a stronger application
  • Build employability skills training into your projects
  • Encourage trainees to network and attend industry conferences and events
  • Sector evidence indicates a shortage in digital skills – can you propose a way to address this?

Skills for the Future will not:

  • Partially match-fund grants from other programmes that provide apprenticeships
  • Fund existing staff to be re-trained or learn new skills
  • Support short pre-placement or taster training programmes


If you have any further questions about new applications - or, if you’re a previous SFTF grantee and would like to share your experiences – please do ask/share below!


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