Moodle - using it as a tool to support heritage-related training

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Hello there

I am a volunteer with a small charity in Essex that operates a boatyard where we restore all manner of historic craft - Pioneer Sailing Trust.

I'm playing around with an idea to develop a 'Moodle' site to help deliver theoretical training for people employed in the marine sector.

It's a platform/tool that I have never used before and wondered if anyone had any opinions on how useful it is.

  • How easy is it to use?
  • Do learners find it easy to access and use?
  • Does it depend on good broadband speeds?
  • Can it be accessed via hand held devises - i.e. mobile phones/tablets
  • What costs have you incurred?  - what development/licensing costs are associated with it?

Any thoughts/experiences would be much appreciated.


David Tournay

Pioneer Sailing Trust

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  1. Oops….I mean 'Training' not trainin!   My Essex coming out there!!

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  3. Thanks David

    We would welcome anyone else's experience of using technology and software to help deliver training or enable trainees to record their progress. 

    What have been the implications of moving to an electronic process?
    Have all the trainees been able to access the tool? 
    How have you supported the trainees in the use of the training tool and if necessary provided them with the necessary equipment to do so?
    Have you been able to share the captured material on different formats?
    Will the software remain updated?  Can it be used across various platforms?

    What other tips, suggestions or things that should be considered would you pass on to those looking to incorporating electronic training tools as part of their training delivery?

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