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We are holding our annual Skills for the Future project managers’ meeting in London on Monday, 30 March 2015 10am – 4pm and you are warmly invited to attend. 

To help us plan the detailed content for the day it would be useful to get some feedback on what you like the session to cover.  Here is your opportunity to tell us what would you like discussed on the day. 

  • Do you have anything you would like to share?
  • What would be your objectives for the day?

We’ll put a detailed programme together once we’ve heard from you here or by email.

Many thanks and look forward to hearing from you.

View Nick Randell's profile Nick Randell Feb 17 2015 - 10:00am
  1. Hi Nick

    I'm hoping that myself and the team will be able to attend.  

    We could share: Our experiences of set up, tax free bursaries and recruiting.  We should also have out completed evaluation by this point so it may prove useful?

    Objectives: Others experiences, good practice etc

  2. View Andie Harris's profile Andie Harris
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  3. Hi Nick

    I hope to attend and will be happy to share my experience of managing finance, particularly planning forward to spend all of the grant.

    My objective will be to learn from the experience of others, something I've done lots of at previous meetings.

    I would like to hear about evaluation (thanks for the offer Andie!), from people who have done this with external assistance and those who have done it without.

    As we start our last year of our project, I'll also be particularly keen to hear any news on future Skills for the Future funding! 

  4. View Neil Fletcher's profile Neil Fletcher
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  5. This looks like  great idea. Are these meetings for anyone who is working on a HLF project? I'm currently in the process of applying to HLF for our organisation, so we don't have an active project yet. I'm interested to know how these meetings work for forward planning purposes for our bid!


    Thanks so much, Lou

  6. View Lou Shackleton's profile Lou Shackleton
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  7. Hello Lou

    Thank you for your interest.

    This is a meeting for existing Skills for the Future project managers.  We would certainly be happy to place the key findings from this and previous meetings onto the online community.  In the future if it was felt that there was a demand and need, we may consider holding a wider session on work based training and skills development for HLF grantees who have received funding from our other programmes.  Please feel free to ask any questions you may have at the moment on the forum as we have a lot of experience and knowledge amongst our project managers which hopefully we would be able to share on here.



  8. View Nick Randell's profile Nick Randell
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  9. Hi Nick,

    I'm really looking forward to the meeting. The meeting last year was really useful and it was great meeting other Skills managers and finding out about the different projects.

    We are getting towards the final months of the Oxford Skills project and my attention is turning towards the final evlauation. It would be great to hear from others about their experiences, especially those who have done it themselves without external assistance.

    Like Neil Fletcher, I too would be keen to hear if there will be further funding for Skills for the Future.

    I would be happy to share my experience from the project linked to coaching and mentoring, especially in relation to supporting trainees writing job applications and planning for life beyond Skills for the Future.

    Looking forward to meeting everyone.




  10. View Neil Stevenson's profile Neil Stevenson
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  11. Hi Nick,

    I hope to attend this meeting.  I think discussing internal evaluation processes would be very useful - seeking feedback from involved members of staff and trainees is a high priority for us at the moment.

    I also think it would be good to talk about how to encourage staff buy in and the coordination of resources within our organisations.

    Finally, sharing ideas of useful outputs for the trainees would be very helpful i.e. seeking ways for them to develop their skills, and perhaps encouraging them to take ownership of this is some way to help them to secure employment afterwards.


  12. View Nicôle Meehan's profile Nicôle Meehan
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  13. Hi Nick,

    I will be attending the project managers meeting and despite the long journey from the North East I am looking forward to sharing knowledge and experience with other people who are in similar roles.

    My role so far has involved working in close partnership with local authority staff and establishing and delivering accredited training to a team of six adults in Practical and Environmental Conservation skills, under the heading of 'Wildlife friendly grounds maintenance in urban green spaces'. I would be happy to share my expereience in these areas and would be keen to discuss how to plan for the future of our project beyond the three years of  heritage lottery funding.  

    Kind regards

    Becky Stanley

  14. View Rebecca Stanley's profile Rebecca Stanley
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  15. Hi


    Train has just been booked so I’m now all set to attend on the 30th.


    Like others, I’m also looking to hear more about evaluation, especially from anyone who has tackled it in-house as that is what we’ll be doing.

    It would also be interesting to hear from HLF on their expectations on how often we need to keep them updated on trainees’ careers after the project is finished.


    I would be more than happy to share our recruitment assessment process, our flexible 12 month training programme template and the benefits of an independent mentor to support the trainees.


    My objectives for the event are to gain some assurance that our evaluation work is on the right track, to pass on what we’ve learned to newer projects and to hear lots of amazing stories from other organisations so to leave with a positive glow of what the programme has collectively achieved.  :-)


    See you there….


    Lynsey Whitley
    (Chester Zoo's Biodiversity Trainees project)  

  16. View Lynsey Whitley's profile Lynsey Whitley
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  17. Hi Nick

    I'll be attending the PM meeting on Monday (hopefully - my email reply went to the wrong email, which I've amended!). I look forward to seeing the Programme/Attendees list if this is sent out ahead of time.

    I'd be interested in making connections with those running traineeships involving non-graduates. The organisation I work for have run 2 programmes with interns and learning the different opportunities and challenges with trainees has been an interesting part of the process to date.

    Experience of in-house evaluation (an mentioned by Lynsey above) would also be useful as much of the evaluation will be in-house this time.

    If any others are working with SVQs (or NVQs obviously) it would be good to hear how progress has been made for them.

    My objective would be very much to learn from others' programmes and share my own experience where I feel I could add some thing of value.

    Looking forward to it!




  18. View Ailsa Macfarlane's profile Ailsa Macfarlane
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  19. Hi Nick 

    I'm hoping to attend on behalf of NHTG. I can only attend for the afternoon and our project hasn't yet started, so can you let me now if it would still be beneficial please? The comments above seem to suggest that last year was great! 



  20. View Sophie Norton's profile Sophie Norton
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