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Hi All,

I manage the National Galleries of Scotland's Skills for the Future project.  We have recently embarked upon the delivery of 12 Collections Digitisation Traineeships.  Our current trainees (this project runs in two have been with us for just over four months and we are now looking to provide development opportunities beyond the traditional scope of their work.  

With this in mind I would like to arrange a symposium for all of the Skills for the Future trainees within travelling distance of Edinburgh at the Scottish National Gallery.  I thought I would post the idea here first to try to ascertain how many groups may be interested in attending an event like this?  And also what you might like to see covered/tackled/discussed?

I look forward to hearing from you all!


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  1. Hi Nicole

    I'd be interested in hearing more about this. We've just launched the Heritage Horizons Traineeships this month, so 20 trainees have started in museums across Scotland, many within easy reach of Edinburgh. There are many areas which the trainees are working within from digital skills, to volunteering and collections skills.

    Feel free to drop me an email if you'd like to discuss this further. I think it's an oportunity many of the trainees would relish.



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  3. Hi there,

    From what I hear, trainee-focussed sharing days are really valued by the trainees themselves and I’m sure you’ll get lots of interest.

    You might need to decide whether you’re running a Skills for the Future day – so including people from across the heritage sectors – or a day specifically for MLA-related trainees.  Let us know and we can help you advertise it and spread the word.  As well as your organisations, in Scotland we are funding Scottish Council on Archives and more widely: TCV Scotland; The Prince’s Foundation for Building Community; and, if the project hasn’t ended yet, The Scottish Wildlife Trust. Obviously, there are plenty of people outside Scotland who might be interested too, not least Northern Ireland colleagues. Let Nick know if you need a full list of contact details.

    Some trainees in the past have set up this Facebook page and might be a useful place to gauge some interest. I’m not sure how current is the membership:

    The page is currently carrying an advert for a related event ‘Curator of the Future’ at the British Museum on 13 April which might interest you too:

    Katy Swift, National Programme Co-ordinator: UK Partnerships & Libby Strudwick, National Programme Co-ordinator: Future Curators & Museum Pathways


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  5. Hi Jo,

    Great to know that these events have proved valuable in the past.  

    We managed to get a good discussion going between many of the PMs in the north yesterday at the Skills for the Future PM meeting so I am confident that we will be able to create an excellent event.  Personally I'd like to showcase the breadth of the Skills for the Future projects rather than confining it the the MLA sector, but either would be valuable.  I'll certainly contact Nick for a list of those nearby, and thank you for offering to help advertise the possible event.

    I'll send the Facebook link onto my trainees, and actually I already have two hosting a workshop at the conference!


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  7. All of that sounds great. Let us know when you've set a date and a programme and if we can't attend in person we'll offer some social media morale support on the day!


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