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We are enthused by the news that there is a third round of Skills for the Future funding planned for this year. The Prince's Trust have not previously accessed this funding programme but are interested in the opportunities it may present for young people we work with to get a taster / experience of specific employment opportunities the heritage sector offers, gaining the necessary skills to explore these opportunities further.

I am aware that the guidance for the upcoming round will not yet be available but I wondered if there is any guidance from previous rounds that we can access to get a bit more information on the aims of this funding?


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  1. Hello Amy

    Thank you showing interest in the new progamme. As you are aware we are currently finalising the details and will have the new guidance available for the launch later this year.

    I have attached the guidance to our last Skills for the Funding programme which we published in 2012.


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  3. Thanks for this Nick, very useful


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  5. Hi Amy (and other potential Skills for the Future applicants) - I just wanted to share this story with you as a bit of inspiration and a demonstration of what Skills funding can help achieve.

    Owen Mort started his own business using an ancient craft after support from HLF's Skills for the Future programme.

    Read all about in the first in our series of #ChangingLives stories


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  7. You are welcome Amy. I thought it might also be useful to place on the community a summary of what we have funded so far through Skills for the Future, which I have done, here:

    It includes a list of the completed projects and links to the project websites (where they exist), as some have case studies and project evaluations attached.

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  9. Another great example of how Skills for the Future funding can change lives.

    We recently visted Mid-Hants railway to talk to apprentices who are helping to renovate trains and keep everything moving. The Watercress Line now has a new generation of locomotive restorers to help keep the heritage railway operating into the future, and some young rail enthusiasts are on track for an interesting career.

    Read and watch their story.


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  11. Here is a link to our update about the programme which include details of our information workshops which will take place in June and July 2016.

    On 24 June 2016, we will publish guidance and forms on our website when the programme will be open to applications.




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  13. From our #ChangingLives series, read Samantha's journey from trainee to curator!

    Samantha Bannerman is our latest Changing Lives hero who recalls how a traineeship supported by HLF's Skills for the Future programme allowed her to break into the heritage sector.

    It was during her degree that Samantha developed a keen interest in history and started thinking about a career in the heritage sector.

    She had been working 25 hours a week in a local call centre to support herself so it was impossible to get a foot in the door through voluntary experience. That's when a friend told her about a one-year paid museum traineeships supported by HLF's Skills for the Future programme.

    Samantha applied to the Collections Intern post and things took off from there. She's now working as a Curator at the St Andrews Preservation Trust Museum.

    Samantha says: “I believe it is so important for there to be a diverse workforce and a variety of routes into the sector. Everyone, regardless of their background, should have the chances that I had.”

    Read Samantha's full story here.


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  15. In case you've missed it, the programme guidance is now available to download from a new Skills for the Future programme page:

    Over 290 organisations have signed up to attend information workshops so far. We will be sharing specific questions and issues raised in these workshops in this thread so that others can read about them. If you're signed up for a session, we shall look forward to meeting you.


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  17. The first Skills for the Future information workshop in Edinburgh went well yesterday. There was a great buzz in the room from the representatives of the 40 organisations that attended, mostly from Scotland but also from north England too. It was particularly interesting to see charities there whose focus is employability and who are willing to offer their expertise to the heritage sector in reaching new communities.

    Delegates asked that the PowerPoint presentation be uploaded to the online community and you will find it attached here, with a few additions to reflect some of the questions we received.

    One delegate queried the timetable for the programme, suggesting there was a lot of activity over the summer months. As ever with a targeted programme, there is a balance to be achieved between meeting sector demand for new training opportunities and allowing organisations time to pull their ideas together. We have tried to keep these in balance by asking for outline first-round proposals by 13 October 2016, allowing our Trustees to commit the budget for the programme this financial year and ensuring that at least some traineeships can be advertised before 2017 is out.

    Remember, whilst our Project Enquiry service (deadline 4 August) can be used to give a really useful steer on a project idea and potentially save you time and resource in the long run, it isn’t compulsory and isn’t a formal part of the application process.

    As well as the workshops we will also be holding our live chat on Skills for the Future on July 7    12.30 - 1.30pm

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