Heritage organisations respond to apprenticeship reform

Apprenticeship reform in England promises to bring exciting new change to recruitment and training practices in heritage organisations – but there’s lots to get our heads around.

On 15 March, HLF and Historic England organised an information sharing event for those involved in making change happen in the built environment and museum sectors.

A full summary of the day, alongside the key presentations, is now available on the Heritage2020 website: http://www.heritage2020.net/working-groups-capacity-building/#workshop

We’ll provide updates on further activity in this space.

Hosted by the Heritage2020 network, the event brought together expert speakers and people with responsibility to implement reform. The seminar was evaluated positively and helped generate new conversations and partnerships across the sector. The aims of the day were to:

  • update participants on the Apprenticeship Levy and Apprenticeship reform in England, including the Trailblazer process, to ensure a shared level of knowledge and understanding
  • network and develop partnerships to take the new Apprenticeships initiative forward
  • share experience and practice in developing new Apprenticeship standards to date
  • establish next steps and priorities for the cultural heritage sectors.

If you haven’t been following Apprenticeship reform but are interested in knowing more, there’s lots of information on gov.uk and HLF’s recent apprenticeship live chat covered useful ground too.

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  1. If when you read the summary of the report it triggers questions or you have related work to update us on, please use this space to comment. We look forward to hearing from you.

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