Changes to guidance and forms for Young Roots

We’re making some changes to our Young Roots guidance and application forms which will come into effect on 7 February.

You will see these changes even if you started your application before 7 February.

Changes of particular significance include:

  • We’ve relaxed our requirement for grantees to own items they would like to undertake conservation work on. We now state that organisations borrowing items may include costs for conservation (in order to make them suitable for exhibition display, for example) if these form a small part of the grant.
  • We’ve added a new question: ‘How are you planning to promote and acknowledge National Lottery players' contribution to your project through HLF funding?’
  • We’ve provided comprehensive guidance on contingency funds, and ‘Contingency’ is now a mandatory heading in the budget.

These are only some of the changes which have been made. Please read the PDF attached below (you’ll need to be logged in to see it) for a fully detailed account of the changes to Young Roots guidance and forms.

We’ve posted details elsewhere about changes to some of our other grant programmes, including Landscape Partnerships.

If you have any questions about the Young Roots-specific changes, please post them below.

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