Engaging young people with their local heritage. Video Summary

Hello lovely people!

It is summer and finally we have time to share with this community the work that we have developed thanks to the HLG received during the last school year.

This video is the summary of a project ran in Chatham, Medway, Uk. It reached 90 children attending Year 5 in a local state school. During more than three weeks we worked with the school teachers, the staff from Dockland Museum and the children and we had an exciting experience full of discussions and ideas about the past and the future of their local heritage. 

We gave voice to the children, using drawings as a tool to express their own views about the 3Slip building and the future of their local heritage. 

What do you think about including the futuristic and maybe utopian approach to heritage, as a way to engage children with it? 

Thanks a lot. Looking forward to knowing your thoughts!


Dolores Victoria Ruiz Garrido 

Little Architect AA Visiting School Founder and Director.


Facebook: Little Architect AA
Instagram Little Architect.AA


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