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Has anyone got any bright ideas on how to fundraise with young people?  We've got as far as a JustGiving page and am going to try Patreon.  Has anyone got any experience or tips with either of these?

View Katie Horne's profile Katie Horne Sep 14 2017 - 11:35am
  1. Hi Katie - thanks for your question. You might be interested in this post which contains some tips about Kickstarter camapigns:…

    We also did a live chat some time back about crowdfunding:

    Good luck with it!


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  3.  I wonder if there's anything useful in the evaluation of the Govt's National Citizenship Campaign Katie? Youth volunteering and fundraising has been 'rebranded' Youth Social Action and all NCS participants are encouraged to fundraise in their communities in week four of the programme. Evaluation here:


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