HLF Young Roots Making Magical Habitats

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Hello everyone ! 

Gill Taylor from Harwes Farm CIC 

I am delivering a Young Roots project at my farm planting hedgerows! So far we ve had Broadfield Specialist School (they're my Young Lead Team) Princes Trust, and lots of family, friends and even the bin men planting trees!!! Primary schools coming on stream in the next couple of weeks. 

Working with young people is my forte, so, I d love to join the discussion on March 10th - I m a youth worker of 30 years standing, and rather new to the social enterprise/project funding game- but now that I own a farm it seemed like a no brainer to me!!! We do have a few pet animals - sheep and chickens, but our main thing is access to countryside activities for those who usually don't!!! 


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  1. Https://youtu.be/aTCaNgIJm1Y

    Making Magical Habitats - the animation! 

    Watch this space for updates on development of our baby trees 1 year on!! 


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  3. Hi Gillian, thanks for sharing this - at the moment, that video doesn't seem to be available. Please could you re-share it here? We look forward to watching it! Thanks & best, John

    (John McMahon, Programme Manager/Policy Adviser, Young People, HLF)


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  5. MMMMM, 

    Thanks for this John, 

    what I will do is post a link to the website, it is rather a big file and maybe that's the issue??




    It was so rewarding seeing the Young Lead Team overcome seemingly insurmountable barriers to narrate over this animation in a presentation at Council chambers and to Rotary too!!! 

    Please use this as you will, and if you require further photos or reports to broadcast our project, please don't hesitate to contact. 

    Kind regrads


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