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Here you can introduce yourself to the others running Young Roots projects. Let us know who you are, your connection to HLF's Young Roots programme (for example, tell us a little about your project if you are a grantee), perhaps a little bit about yourself, and what you'd like to get from this community.


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  1. Hi all just to keep you updated we are final opening outr new theater space –called No-Jangles

    It opens on the 21st Feburary

    It is a 90 seater idea for small groups it sit inside the consorvation and heritage area of middleton.


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  3. I am Jane Elliott, a volunteer director for Seize the Moment Ltd in North Devon. Seize the Moment is set up to empower young people in deprived ares of rural North Devon.

    Potwallopers and Ponies funded by Young Roots in 2008-2009 was a 12 month exploration of the North Devon coast from the pov of local teens. We walked the coast from Baggy Point to Hartland Point and stayed on Lundy. The young people loved this project so much that every year since we have returned to Lundy to introduce new groups to the island. The project archive is

    In 2013 our members took part in Why we love our Park a project funded through HLF All Our Stories. This project was to collect spoken stories about the leisure activities in the village of Westward Ho! 1883-2013. The interviews are recorded on

    We are currently working on a new application to Young Roots with young artists in North Devon. We plan to explore and document coastal crafts and traditions through working in partnership with established professional artists.




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  5. Hello, I  work for HLF from our London office. I have a UK-wide role to try to encourage more people from all walks of life to connect with heritage.

    Young Roots is my favourite of all HLF's programmes.  It brings together youth work specialists with heritage professionals to create high quality opportunities for young people, including some of the most disadvantaged in our society.  It encourages a youth-led approach and gives young people the authority to decide what they think is important about the past. The creativity and energy that young people bring to projects is always inspiring.  And at a time when youth unemployment is high, Young Roots  can help young people gain valuable skills and demonstrate their ideas and initiative through social action projects. For these reasons I'm always really keen to champion the programme.

    I really look forward to being part of this community, to hear about delivery issues and the impact of Young Roots at a local level, as well as discussing how we can raise the profile of the programme across the UK.

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  7. Hello, I'm Miranda and I work at HLF, focusing on learning and volunteering, with a UK wide remit.

    I am a relatively new arrival here at HLF and I'm very much looking forward to getting involved in our online communities, particularly this one. In my previous role I worked at Orleans House Gallery in Twickenham, and had the privilege of managing Heritage Highways, a Young Roots project there (as well as lots of other heritage projects involving young people), so I know the joys and challenges of the project work you are all involved in. I miss it too, lots, so I look forward to keeping in touch with what's going on out there on the ground through discussion on this forum!

    Obviously lots of learning and volunteering goes on within Young Roots projects - if you have inspiring examples to share, or questions to ask, get in touch.

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  9. Hi I am Audrey Peebles, I recently started work with the Living Lomonds Landscape Partnership, an organisation which is an association in Fife and Perth and Kinross, delivering a conservation programme.  The Living Lomonds area includes the Lomond Hills Regional Park, Lochore Meadows Country Park and surrounding areas.  

    This is week four of my employment, it is a steep learning curve. I am keen to find share experiences and learn from colleagues within the sector.  Finding out about this community is just perfect timing.


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  11. Hello Audrey,

    Nice to 'meet' you! Congratulations on your new role - hopefully you'll be able to connect with other people working on LP schemes who can help you out as you settle in.

    You seem to have found yourself into our Young Roots forum here, so perhaps you might want to re-post your introduction into the Landscape Partnerships forum? I'll look into why this might have happened - we are a brand new community so please do bear with us as we settle in too!





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  13. Hi All

    I'm Jean Rolfe, CEO at Green Corridor. We work with disadvantaged young people aged between 14 - 25 and through landbased activities we get them back into education, training or employment. 

    We run a Learning and Development Centre alongside this work  - enabling them to achieve nationally recognised qualifications, for many the first qualification they have ever achieved.

    I’m about to submit a HLF application in relation to WW1 and some work our young people wish to undertake exploring the links between a redundant growing space they are involved with and returning WW1 solders – very exciting.

    This we hope will form the test bed for a very innovative three year plan we have to develop a heritage training programme within West London – its not been tried before so I’m having to learn to walk before I can run – not easy when you are not very patient!!

    This forum seems a great idea – so looking forward to getting further involved


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  15. Hello

    What a fantastic idea this is! I manage a small digital arts organisation called Unity House and, last year, we ran this project with the The Prince's Trust in Salford, funded by Young Roots….

    We are now looking to apply again with a new partner, possibly in the Pennine Lancashire area as we have recently relocated to Bury. If anyone is interested or has any tips, please let me know!


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  17. Hi,

    I'm Flick, from Aberdeenshire Heritage, and very excited about this opportunity to steal…I mean share…ideas ;)  (I'm a long way away from most places, and don't get out much)

    Last year we ran a project in Peterhead, on the very North East coast of Scotland, called Mr Arbuthnot's Cabinet of Curiosities, with street theatre and circus group Theatre Modo.  It aimed to re-imagine the first ever museum in Peterhead in the 1830s, in an imaginative and steampunky way, through art, performance and circus skills.

    Looking forward to discussion and inspiration! :)


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  19. Hi all,


    My name is Keith Swift and I am the Chair of the Rochdale Bangladeshi Partnership Project (RBPP).  In 2009 we established a friendship link with Sylhet in Bangladesh; as we have a sizeable British Bangladeshi community residing in the borough of Rochdale, Lancashire.

    We are currently working on our project entitled “Sylhet to Rochdale: a young people's Bangladeshi heritage project”. The idea is to record and create oral history of the British Bangladeshi community in Rochdale , their journey from Sylhet (in nortern Bangladesh) to the pennine edge Rochdale!

    I hope to share more and also learn about other projects through this forum!

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