Introducing the #DustKickers!

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The Heritage Ambassadors are a group of 17 young people who are helping HLF’s decision-takers choose which projects to support through our new Kick the Dust programme;

They'll also be working with us over the coming year to inform both our broader thinking about young people and heritage; and also our communications and advocacy work around Kick the Dust and Young Roots.

On June 9-11, we brought together our Heritage Ambassadors for the first time for an induction weekend; last week, a smaller group of 7, nominated by the rest of the group, came to London to tell our decision panel which Kick the Dust projects they felt HLF should support.

The Heritage Ambassadors are aged 17-24, and are based right across the UK; you can follow their activities on social media via the hashtags #DustKickers and #KickTheDust – but please also allow them to introduce themselves, below!

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  1. Hi everyone, my name is Lizzie Guntrip, and I am delighted to be a Heritage Ambassador.

    I’m 23, from south London and am involved in nature writing, inclusivity discussions, social media and the performing arts. I am passionate about natural heritage and making heritage accessible and inclusive for all people.

    I am taking part in this initiative to help kick the dust and working with my fellow Heritage Ambassadors is fab - there is so much clear-thinking, talent and passion among the #DustKickers. If anyone has any questions for us, please do get in touch either on this thread or via social media.

    Lastly, take a look at this video for a small taste of who we are and what’s been going on so far:


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  3. Hello everyone!

    I'm Jack and a fellow Dustkicker! I currently live in Weymouth, Dorset, where there is plenty of natural heritage right on my doorstep. However, my main interest lies in museums, with particular regard to access and inclusion for autistic visitors and their families. 

    For me, the most exciting prospect for this group is how we can better support HLF's work in relation to young people and heritage, for Kick the Dust and beyond. If we can help change attitudes in the sector on how they can better engage young people as part of how they see heritage than that would be ideal.

    Follow me on Twitter @MrJW18 for the latest activity here and other projects I'm working with.

    P.S. You may be interested in this guide I co-wrote with Kids in Museums on autism and museums - some very useful tips…!

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  5. Hi all! 

    I'm Hannah and am delighted to be a Heritage Ambassador for HLF. I'm from Bishop's Stortford in Hertfordshire and have been fascinated by heritage for as long as I can remember. I'm a Museum Studies student at UCL at the moment, so spend a lot of my time at as many museums and historic sites that I can get to. 

    For me, the most exciting aspect of the Heritage Ambassador programme is working with an amazing group of like-minded young people from across the country to advise on how young people can best engage with the heritage sector through meaningful projects and experiences. I'm really keen to explore how HLF can best support this kind of work in the future and want to do my best to promote the cause of young people in heritage. I really think that young people are a very underrated asset that heritage organisations cannot afford to ignore and I want to encourage more interaction between these groups. 

    Follow us on Twitter via #DustKickers to follow our progress!

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  7. Hello, my name is Sally.

    I am from Bristol. I am interested in how the Arts and Heritage sectors can be made more accessible to young people.

    I am most looking forward to seeing what impact we can make in changing attitudes amongst both younger people and the sector itself in how it approaches younger people.

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  9. Hi all!

    I'm Eleanor, I'm 24, originally from Bedfordshire, but currently living and working in Edinburgh. I'm particularly interested in audience engagement and issues around access and inclusivity in the heritage sector, especially in museums and built heritage. 

    I think it’s brilliant that this grant programme has been set up to enable truly ambitious, and hopefully sector changing projects to occur and, on a personal level, I'm so excited to be a part of this fantastic group of Heritage Ambassadors. I'm enjoying getting to know and working with such an inspiring and talented group of young people from across the UK and I can't wait to see the impact of Kick the Dust!

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  11. in reply to

    Hello Eleanor

    John at HLF just emailed me today with your note of interest in our Kick the Dust project (Scotland 365) - we would be delighted to welcome you along to find out more and get involved.  We have a session tomorrow evening (Fri 1st Dec) here at the National Museum of Scotland a 'Meet & Munch' led by Young Scot and then we meet up again on Saturday 2nd Dec for a full day of brainstorming our project.  details here:  if you want to sign up or just email/message me direct.  If you can't manage this one, do get in touch and we will arrange to meet up. thanks.

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  13. It was great to meet you all -  Heritage Ambassadors, and to work with you over two days.

    You are an amazing group of young people, so passionate about heritage and so keen to make a difference. Thank you all for contributing to the Kick the Dust Programme.  It was a pleasure working with you and I hope there is an opportunity to do so again in the future.

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  15. Hi guys! 

    I'm Alex and I'm over the moon to be a HLF ambassador! Im 23 and currently live in Hull but am from originally Northern Ireland and starting a MA in British Art in September. 

    I'm excited to see how young people can help mold and shape the heritage sector through the #KicktheDust grants! With such a varied and talented group of people I'm excited to see what we bring to the table and can't wait to see where it takes us in the future!

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  17. Hello, I'm George and I am loving being a Heritage Ambassador! I am a huge fan of history and heritage in general and I think the Kick The Dust project will do an amazing job at bringing young people from across the UK into heritage. #DustKickers

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  19. Hello all, 

    Firstly I'd like to say I am so grateful for the opportunity to become a HLF heritage ambassador. My name is Sarah, I'm 22 and from London. 

    I am very passionate about cultural heritage and the different stories we can all share and learn from.  To me engaging with different cultures and heritage around us is really important in order to better understand the diverse world we live in and our neighbours and together work towards a better future for all  

    Being a heritage ambassador gives us the opportunity to learn and understand the heritage of our fellow #DustKickers and share our passion with other young people & inspire them to engage like we do. By giving us to chance to shape  future HLF projects together we will ensure that young people like us from diverse backgrounds and all over UK are given similar opportunities to be apart of and fall in love with heritage. 


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