Post your partnership requests and/or offers here

Partnerships are an integral part of the application process for Young Roots and Kick the Dust! projects. Over the years, we've often been asked for hints and tips on how and where to find partners, and even if we could broker partnerships between relevant parties.

To go some way to helping potential applicants find partners for their HLF projects, we've created this forum thread to enable those looking for partners, or wanting to become a partner, to let each other know they're out there.

Please keep your posts brief, but make sure you include vital information such as:

  • What type of partner you're looking for and/or what you can offer as a partner
  • Your location, and
  • Some details about your project and/or what you could bring to a project
  • Plus, a contact email address or website so potential partners can get in touch with you, and
  • If your partnership request/offer is time-sensitive, please include a 'closing date', too

You might also be interested in this summary post of the partnerships live chat we hosted on 10 November, which contains lots of dos and don'ts, and other useful advice, and in this thread we're compiling some top tips for partnerships.

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