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At the heart of any great Young Roots or Kick the Dust project is a partnership between heritage and youth organisations that bring together heritage expertise and youth work skills. But how do you find your perfect partner? How do you make sure that the project is bringing together the best of both groups? In this thread please share your top tips for what makes for a succesful partnership- or  pitfalls to avoid.

You can also read the highlights of our live chat on partnerships and if you are still searching for your dream partner post the opportunity on this thread.

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  1. My top tip would be… make sure you use the template on pp.27-28 of the Young Roots guidance (available here:! It's not just a hoop to jump through for the application - it's the document that will make sure you have a really strong partnership in place for the delivery of your project, with both the youth partners and the heritage partners knowing exactly what they need to contribute and when. Projects where the partners contribute equally throughout can often have the best results.

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    Setting out what each patner will contribute is key- that way everyone knows where they are working. You can below an example of a completed young root's partnership agreement that uses our template.

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  5. One of the best things to do is to talk to potential partners early and make sure that they are relevant for the project itself. That way you all have the chance to shape the project together and everyone is on the same page when it comes to making the project happen. Take the time to plan your partnerships and project properly and it will hopefully ensure a smooth and successful project.

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