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Young Roots encourages a youth-led approach. We want young people to have a role in planning and managing projects.

This raises lots of questions about what this means and how you go about it. It seems that organisations with young people panels, forums or friends groups have a head start - and I've posted some resources on here if you're thinking about this route. Lots of projects also have a small group of young people that form a steering group, or even employ a young apprentice to carry out a large share of the project management.

What do you think makes a project genuinely youth-led? How much involvement should young people have in developing and delivering a project? Share your thoughts and experiences, or raise your questions and concerns here…


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  1. Hi,

    A youth-led approach is vital for a Young Roots project. I think it’s fundamental that the people a project aims to benefit should be involved as much as possible. How else could you hope to get the most out of a project for those people? There are also a whole range of other benefits to involving young people in the planning and management of a project. Not wanting to generalise too much, young people can be bursting with energy and new ideas about the direction a project could take. They may also speak their minds about changes they think should be made when a well-trained adult might hold their tongue!

    I’ve started a discussion about young people statements –pieces of film, text, art or audio which communicate the involvement of young people in a project. Take a look here and add your perspective.



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  3. English Heritage has a new CEO - Child Executive Officer…

    Billed as a Summer takeover, English heritage asked children all over the country for the fun historic activities they've always wanted to do. Thay have created a new role, Child Executive Officer, and appointed a special Round Table of children to help make these wishes come true.

    You can read more about it here.

    This sounds a lot like a youth/children's panel, but are there many other heritage organisations that have created a particular role for an individual?

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  5. A youth panel - or cabinet - has just been created for a National Park…

    Young people are to take their place at the heart of decision-making for Northumberland National Park with the creation of the country’s first National Park Youth Cabinet, Environment Minister Rory Stewart announced yesterday.

    The new cabinet aims to give local people aged 16-25 an active role in governing their National Park and encourage others to help look after it – today and for the future.

    Read more about it here.

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