How to apply

You will be submitting your expression of interest*, project enquiry form or application through our online application portal.

If you have previously submitted an expression of interest / project enquiry form or begun or completed an application, you are already registered on our application portal. Use the same email address and password to log back in.

If you are not already registered, you will need to set up a new user account. Once you are registered, you’ll have quick access to the portal via a link in the header of the website. If you receive a grant, you will also use the portal to make grant payment requests, submit progress reports and request acknowledgement materials.

If you want to see the questions you’ll be asked before you register, check the reference PDF project enquiry or application form on the relevant grant programme page.

Before you submit your application:

  • double-check that you have completed all the sections of the form
  • ensure you have included all the supporting documents listed
  • contact us if you’re not sure which supporting documents to send
  • create and keep copies of any hard-copy documents you send us as we may ask questions about these.

If you are not sure which programme best suits your needs, or if you have any other questions, contact us

Please note that your email address can only be associated with one organisation. You won't be able to use the same address to register another organisation on our application portal.

If you are a private owner of heritage applying as an individual under the Our Heritage programme, provide your own contact details where 'organisation' is referred to.

* The expression of interest form applies specifically to the programmes First World War: then and now and Resilient Heritage (for grants of £10,000 or less only). 

If you've got a question about applying, or delivering your project, join in our Online Community to get advice from grantees who've already been there and done it themselves.

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