A lasting difference for heritage and people: Our strategy 2013-2018


We remain true to the core principles that have defined our distinctive approach for the past ten years. We invest in the full breadth of the UK’s heritage, and through our funding we aim to make a lasting difference for heritage and people. This is reflected in the outcomes for heritage, people and communities which underpin our grant-making, and we give extra consideration to projects achieving those outcomes, such as learning, on which we place most value.

We will continue to drive forward our progressive agenda of investing in heritage that people value and broadening the range and depth of people’s engagement with heritage. We do not define ‘heritage’, instead encouraging people to identify their own heritage and explain why it is valued by themselves and others. We want more people and a broader range of people to take an active part in heritage, and we will continue to challenge applicants, particularly larger and more established organisations, to broaden their audiences. As an organisation we are committed to increasing diversity in our governance, workforce and grant-making.

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