Do you have an idea in mind?

Tell us about it! We’re always keen to support more groups and organisations to look after and share heritage.

The projects we fund must have a strong heritage focus – take a look at what we fund to get an idea of the types of projects we support. They must also make a difference for heritage, people and communities. For a better chance of getting funding, follow the simple steps below.

You have a project idea – what now?

  • Decide on the amount you need – our grants start at £3,000
  • Use the Find the right grant programme tool which is based on the grant amount and the heritage you're focusing on
  • Pick the best grant programme for you, based on the grant amount and the heritage you're focusing on
  • Read the application guidance to check you can meet the requirements of the programme you want to apply under
  • Take a look at our guidance to help you think about developing your project 
  • Send us a project enquiry. It’s not part of the assessment process, and we’ll give you feedback before you apply. Applying to the Sharing Heritage programme is straightforward and we do not have a project enquiry form for that programme. When you have read the guidance and decided what you want to do you can just go ahead and make your application
  • Check our Online Community – someone else might have answers to your questions, or they may be planning something similar or helpful to you
  • If you have any other questions we have a dedicated grant-enquiries line and development officers in teams across the UK

Please wait to hear back from us before you apply. We’ll help you make sure that we're the right funder for you and that you’ve picked the right programme.

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