Catalyst: Endowments

The Catalyst: Endowments programme was part of a broader partnership between HLF, the Department for Culture Media and Sport, and Arts Council England.

It aimed to encourage more private giving to culture and heritage, and to build the capacity and skills of cultural and heritage organisations to fundraise from private donors, corporate sources, trusts and foundations.

Grants were awarded over two application rounds during 2012 and 2013. It offered eligible heritage organisations in the UK the opportunity to match-fund the creation, or further development, of an endowment fund with the aim of providing a long-term income.

More about this grant programme

Up to £36million was invested across 31 awards, with grants ranging from £500,000-£5million.

Catalyst: Endowments is a match funding scheme. The HLF grant matches every pound raised by grant recipients on a sliding scale depending on the size of grant awarded. An award of £500,000 has a match fund ratio of £1:£1, awards of £2million a £2:£1 match and an award of £5million has a £3:£1 match.

Catalyst: Endowment grants are expected to achieve the following outcomes:

Outcome for heritage

  • heritage will be better managed

Outcome for communities

  • organisations will be more resilient

Catalyst: Endowments also seeks to bring additional private money into the heritage sector.

Organisations awarded funding in the first round of applications have until June 2016 to complete their fundraising campaigns. Those that received awards in the second round have until June 2017.

When you need to apply

This programme is closed to applications.

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