Places of worship

Places of worship are among the UK’s oldest and most cherished historic buildings. That’s why we’ve invested over £850million in helping congregations to conserve, restore and make them more accessible.

Congregations caring for historic places of worship, of all faiths and denominations, can apply to HLF for funding to support a broad range of projects including capital repair. Applying for grants through our open programmes will give time-stretched applicants greater flexibility to secure the funding they need for their places of worship.

Relevant programmes

  • Our Heritage (£10,000-£100,000)  is a simple, faster (applications assessed within eight weeks), one stage application process and is ideal for smaller projects looking to undertake more straight-forward repairs
  • Resilient Heritage (£3,000-£250,000) can be used by individual organisations or partnerships to help them better manage their heritage. From developing income-generation strategies to feasibility studies in preparation for a larger Heritage Grant application - this can be a great place to start

A new funding initiative for places of worship

Places of Worship: Inspiring Ideas is a one-off, UK-wide initiative supporting projects exploring new ways of helping places of worship become more resilient and adapt to a challenging and changeable environment.

We are working with our partners to provide grants to creative projects of between £10,000 and £250,000 through our existing Resilient Heritage programme with HLF committing £1million in grants.

The initiative is operating in two stages. Initially, applicants submit a short expression of interest outlining their idea, these will be reviewed by the initiative partners and the strongest projects will be invited to submit full applications. 

The partners

In addition to HLF, the initiative is supported by a partnership of sector organisations. Some organisations are contributing to the grant fund, others will contribute expertise to the initiative and guidance to grantees. The partnership is formed from the following organisations:

More information about the initiative is available in the Places of Worship: Inspiring Ideas supplementary guidance which can be found at the bottom of the page.


Places of worship in Scotland

As part of our commitment to Scottish places of worship, we work in partnership with Historic Environment Scotland (HES) to deliver funding for places of worship from both organisations through a single application process. If you want to apply to HES, your project will need a conservation-accredited lead professional from a recognised accreditation body.

Success stories

We’ve been successfully funding places of worship through our open programmes for more than 20 years. Projects include the major restoration of York Minster’s Great East Window and conservation of the interior of the Garnethill Synagogue in Glasgow.  But we have also been funding smaller places of worship projects through these programmes.

Take a look at projects we’ve already funded:

Feeling inspired?

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