Places of worship

Places of worship are among the UK’s oldest and most cherished historic buildings. That’s why since 1994 we’ve invested over £850million in helping congregations to conserve, restore and make them more accessible for the whole community to enjoy.

Through our open grants programmes we fund: building fabric repairs; the conservation of features such as wall paintings and monuments; projects to research and interpret the history of these important local buildings; as well new facilities that will help extend their use and make them more sustainable for the future. We can also support congregations who want to share their heritage by training their volunteers, learning how to deliver educational activities or engaging with the wider community.

Which programme?

HLF’s Grants for Places of Worship programme is closing in September 2017 however places of worship remain a priority for HLF.  Historic places of worship, of all faiths and denominations, can continue to apply to HLF for funding through either the Our Heritage (up to £100,000) or Heritage Grants (up to £5m) programmes.

Success stories

We’ve been successfully funding places of worship through our open programme for more than 20 years. Projects include the major restoration of York Minster’s Great East Window and conservation of the interior of the Garnethill Synagogue in Glasgow.  But we have also been funding smaller places of worship projects through these programmes.

Take a look at projects we’ve already funded:


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