Cultures and memories

Showcasing the British Chinese Project in Brimingham
Our traditions, memories and family histories all make us who we are.

They are as much part of our heritage as archaeology, historic buildings or natural landscapes. 

Projects that delve into our diverse cultures and memories can bring people closer together, help them discover each other’s heritage and create a sense of local pride.

From the origins of the Kathakali Asian dance tradition to the experiences of Gypsy and Traveller communities, we want to help document everyone’s history.

Here are just some examples of what we could fund:

“The veterans were proud to share their unique stories, and surprised at the interest from local people.” Matthew Johnson, Outreach Officer, Nuneaton Museum & Art Gallery (Bedbox, Blanco & Boots project)
  • explore the use, meaning and historical context of language
  • explore the history of family and place names
  • trace origins of proverbs and sayings
  • record accounts of traditional farming methods
  • reveal the history of care for people with disabilities
  • help people understand the social and historical context of art forms such as dance, music and film
  • bring people from different backgrounds to learn about their rich histories, faiths and customs, as well as share them with new audiences
  • give a voice to ordinary people – by recording their memories (oral history)
  • help people learn about local traditions and crafts and the skills needed to preserve them
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