Museums, libraries and archives

A video of the opening event of Experience Barnsley Museum and Discovery Centre
Archives, libraries, museums and galleries hold our written, spoken and film heritage, and the objects that tell our history.

They give us a sense of place, and help to shape our identities. From Belfast to Norwich, and Swansea to Shetland, towns and cities across the UK have museums and archives they can be proud of. Our funding can help to conserve the wealth of this material for present and future generations.

With our funding you could:

  • make collections more accessible through cataloguing, digitisation and outreach programmes 
    “Our grant has transformed the museum and the service we provide. This is the best thing that’s happened to Hertford Museum since it opened in 1903!”Helen Gurney, Hertford Museum Development project
  • get your local community involved with these collections in fun and creative ways 
  • work with other museums, libraries and archives to research their heritage
  • acquire new objects and materials for your museum, archive or library
  • make sure collections stay relevant to visitors
  • find ways to attract and engage new audiences
  • give a collection a new home
  • redevelop the historic building where the collection is housed to give it better public facilities

Find out more about the museums we've funded in our feature, Museums and heritage.

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