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Welcome to the Online Community! Please take a moment to introduce your Parks for People project - your aims, what you've achieved so far...
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Shaun Kiddell
One of the main aims for Parks for People grantees and this community is to connect people who work in the Parks sector to...
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Shaun Kiddell
Do you lock your parks at the end of each day or are they left unlocked? Why do we lock parks? Protect items and...
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Shaun Kiddell
Cafes in Parks What makes a good park cafe? This is a question I am often asked due my travels around the country visiting...
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Shaun Kiddell
Does anyone have any examples of successful or not so successful projects to create heritage trails around parks and / or heritage sites? We...
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Angela Routledge
Is your park or local authority looking at changing its or their approach to the funding of the parks services? Is outsourcing being considered?...
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Shaun Kiddell
Share your top tips on how to run a successful natural heritage project and we’ll share ours. In the West Midlands we started the...
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Liz Shaw
I recently attended an excellent workshop run by Caring for Gods Acre ‘The Beautiful burial ground: how to create a haven for wildlife, for...
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Catherine Kemp
Dear All in the Community, We would like to introduce ourselves into your community as we have been creating the Allied Special Forces Memorial...
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Mike Colton
Landscape and Arts Network 30th January 2016 at The Cass, Whitechapel, London 1pm-6pm Artists:Experts To register go to Sessions will cover: -the much-anticipated...
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Ewan Allinson
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