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Has anyone been part of or can recommend a HLF funded wildlife garden, community run / led? I am keen to use a practical...
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Hayley White
Hi I am looking to contact any fellow THI / TH Project Officers who have overseen projects in Wales. I have been undertaking THI...
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Ceri Howell
Outcomes are changes, impacts, benefits or any effects that happen as a result of your project. We describe this as the difference we want...
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Adam Tyson
Hello All, We're approaching the end of our PfP project at Forty Hall and looking to employ an external consultant to help us evaluate...
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Verity Roberts
I am based in Barnstaple, Devon, and offer free photography to various local organisations, and to local branches of national organisations, as per attached...
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Jim Smith
A challenge for you the HLF community. In the UK, many volunteers and community groups undertake their own archaeological research and fieldwork this is...
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James Brown
HLF funding has now completed and we move to the next phase of the project's life.. Evalaution document avaialbe to share on the initial...
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Alan Fell
Hello Everyone, At Over URC we've been on the HLF Grant/repairs process for just over two years and a few weeks ago the scaffolding...
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Brian Dunning
The Dalby Square THI is a partnership between the Heritage Lottery Fund and Thanet District Council and has a Common Fund of £2.6m. The...
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Louise Oldfield
Afternoon! Where can we find a list of HLF strategy launch events in the regions please? Thanks!
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Kate Measures
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