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Hi, I am just starting to develop some evaluation and monitoring forms for our project. I want to make sure I am collecting key...
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Helen Ellis
At the Heritage Lottery Fund we commission a range of research which falls into three main areas; research to evaluate the impact and lessons...
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Amelia Robinson
Does anyone else share my hope that feedback will routinely be given to grantholders on submission of their project evaluation? I feel that positive...
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Community User
Hi everyone, I need to do the evaluation report for the project development phase but am struggling to find headings or a general format...
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Community User
We are nearing the end of our project so are looking for a cosultant who can not only evaluate the project against our stated...
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Sarah Chard-Cooper
Hi I am at the very start of my HLF project, currently signing up volunteers. Before I get too far into it, I want...
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Wendy Larcombe
An Evaluation Diary which has been produced for a four day exhibition that was held during July this year. It contains details of the...
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ivan cooper
Hello. I am preparing an 'Our Heritage' application and would like to factor in some consultancy for the evaluation process. I was thinking in...
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Carol Dealey
Hi all, I appreciate this can be a tricky area, but I am looking at reviewing the data monitoring aspect of our evaluation forms...
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Lucy Bailey
Last week we hosted an informative live chat about evaluation . We were joined by a panel of expert guests and also received questions...
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Amy Freeborn
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