1944 We Were Here: African American GIs in Dorset

The project focused on stories of families and the community in Dorset during 1944 as they prepared for the D-Day landings in France and linked to stories from families in the USA and around the world. The scheme recorded interpretations of these events to share across generations ensuring their place in history was preserved.

Development Education in Dorset (DEED), an educational charity that works with schools, local authorities, community groups and other organisations in Bournemouth, Dorset and Poole undertook this two-year project to increase awareness and understanding of the contribution of African American soldiers to Dorset communities and the Allied forces during WWII.

A legacy of collected stories, photos and film from descendents was created, including a touring exhibition, public talks and workshops, school drama workshops working with a local theatre and a booklet. Numerous volunteers from the community were also involved in the project.

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