50 Years of the Barford Tigers

Young people recorded stories of their successful Birmingham hockey club the Barford Tigers to celebrate its 50th anniversary.

Fifteen young sportspeople set out to capture the memories of players and memorabilia before they were lost. They recruited heritage partner Future Seed to provide training in media, oral history, archiving and digitisation and took a behind the scenes tour at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery to understand how great exhibitions are made. They also met a local history group to understand how the whole area had changed in 50 years before interviewing club heroes, parents and volunteers.

To share their discoveries they created a mobile exhibition, project film, learning pack, social media app and a playing card game of famous players. They also buried a time capsule, hosted a celebration match and designed an anniversary sports kit.

The project challenged perceptions amongst all generations by celebrating young people who contribute to their communities and older people who remain active into their seventies. The project also encouraged parents to be more involved, celebrated the club’s diverse make-up to combat racism in sport and even highlighted the importance of the club to the council, encouraging them to allocate land for new facilities.

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