Bedford Physical Training College Stories, World War 1 and 2

Bedford PT Students on Blue Cross Day

Making a difference

How the project achieved outcomes for heritage

  • The history of Bedford College of Physical Training has been researched and interpreted through a documentary film, which is an important addition to the social and cultural history of Bedford.

How the project achieved outcomes for people

  • The core team of volunteers learned new skills, including film making and how to undertake oral histories.
  • People in the area have learned about the history of the college by watching the DVD. 
  • Volunteers that took part felt proud of the film they had developed and the DVD launch and TV coverage led to great excitement amongst those involved.
  • Older people who were interviewed felt that their personal memories were valued.

How the project achieved outcomes for communities

  • The project has helped to raise the profile of the organisation and its archive which in turn has helped its long-term resilience.
  • Local people, including schools pupils, engaged with aspects of the First World War that they had previous not known about. 

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Lessons learnt

  • People undertaking the project need to be passionate about the subject but also have the skills to deliver it.
  • Having a small team which can make final decisions is really important.  
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