City Cemetery

Making a difference

How the project achieved HLF’s outcomes for heritage

  • The condition of the cemetery was improved through the clean up, allowing its heritage to be enjoyed by more people.
  • The heritage of the cemetery was interpreted and explained through a website, leaflets and guided tours developed by the young people.

How the project achieved HLF’s outcomes for people

  • Young people increased their knowledge and understanding of the heritage of the cemetery through research and interpretation.
  • Participants developed skills in research, web design, digital photography, desktop publishing, communication and team work.
  • 12 young people received an ASDAN Level 2 Active Citizenship Award for their participation in the project.
  • Young people increased their confidence through taking part in a project which positively benefited their community: “I wouldn’t have been this confident as I am now if I hadn’t been involved.”
  • The project resulted in more positive community attitudes to the cemetery, which suffered less vandalism.

How the project achieved HLF’s outcomes for communities

  • More people and a wider range of people engaged with heritage, including the young people who were inspired by their research to clean up the cemetery, and 1,000 local school pupils who supported them.
  • The cleaned-up cemetery became a more attractive and enjoyable place for people in the local community to visit.
  • The project worked across sectarian divisions to establish a greater awareness of the shared history of communities in Northern Ireland. 

Lessons learnt

Projects like this can develop important new partnerships that result in further heritage initiatives. It led to two other projects for Corpus Christi Youth Centre – West Belfast and the Spanish Civil War (inspired by the grave of a Spanish Civil War volunteer buried in the cemetery) and East Meets West, which brought together four community groups across County Down.

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