Clydebank Museum and Art Gallery

Clydebank has a huge pride in its heritage from shipbuilding on the Clyde to its global position in the production of sewing machines. 

The Clydebank Museum and Art Gallery was originally run by dedicated volunteers drawn from the communities that had lobbied for its creation. Its collections include 800 sewing machines and 400 pieces of fine art, as well as everyday memborabillia and items relating to the Clydebank Blitz.

Situated in the Town Hall, the museum has been completely transformed into a modern day visitor centre which is enjoyed by tourists and the local community alike. Fresh and invigorated display and interpretation has been introduced, as have improved security and environmental conditions for the collections. It has become a venue for knitting and art classes, coffee mornings and lunchtime concerts ensuring the heritage of the town lives on in the lives of the community today.

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