The Dearne Valley Landscape Partnership: Revealing the Hidden Dearne Valley

The Dearne Valley sums up the character of Yorkshire, with a strong mix of industry and beautiful landscapes and its people who have lived and worked in the area for generations.

The landscape left scarred by mining, glassworks and ironworks industries is gradually being crept over by nature which is reclaiming it as its own, allowing birds, animals and plants- some very rare- to re-establish themselves. With the added interest of a 12th century monastery, the longest country house frontage in Europe and a 20th century colliery, the area is ripe for discovery  and the £1,882,000 Landscape Partnership project is keen to involve as many people as possible in creating a legacy for the future. By understanding how varied the area is, the project hopes to leave a legacy that will have a national impact as well as doing justice to its local past.

“People have lived in the beautiful and secluded Dearne Valley for thousands of years, shaping and adapting the landscape, leaving fascinating traces of their lives as each generation faced new challenges. The Dearne Valley is an area though that is ripe for discovery, with a chance for people in the area and visitors outside the area to learn and experience more about it. The DVLP can play a central part in this discovery and 'Reveal the Hidden Dearne' to increase their understanding of the area, as well as actively enjoying everything the area has to offer.” Richard King, Landscape Partnership Development Officer.

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