Up on the Downs: the White Cliffs Landscape Partnership Scheme

Work is well underway to restore and conserve one of the most iconic of all English landscapes. A wide range of partners are helping to improve and sustain the internationally renowned White Cliffs and their hinterland for wildlife and for people.

The five-year project is backed by local communities and councils and organisations as varied as the National Trust, Natural England, the National Farmers Union, Eurotunnel, the Kent Downs AONB and the Kent Wildlife Trust. Scrub clearing work, new fencing and access paths  and a host of other improvements have been completed in a number of areas along the clifftop downland running from Kingsdown past Dover to Folkestone. A Heritage Open Day was held to raise wider interest in the area that includes more than half of Kent’s chalk grassland.

Working with local landowners the project will also re-introduce grazing of cattle in areas where it has declined. Managed grazing helps to maintain the chalk grassland and allows the rich mix of botanical species to thrive. 

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