East Cleveland Batscape

Tees Valley Wildlife Trust ran a two-year bat survey project in East Cleveland to help people learn more about bats and to contribute to their conservation.

Three of the 8 species of bats present and breeding in East Cleveland are rare and of national conservation importance.

“Bats are a vital part of our ecosystem but have suffered severe declines in the last few decades. We hope that getting people involved will contribute to their conservation.” Sarah Barry, bat officer

The project encouraged people to collect data by training volunteers and loaning them special bat recorders to carry out surveys and build a picture of the local batscape.  A website was developed to share information and news.

Following two successful launch events, volunteers began to survey the 119 aquare kilometres of bat territory. Local exhibitions, talks and school events were held to reconnect the public with bats and help them learn more about the important wildlife around them.  In the longer term a bat group will be set up to carry on monitoring work.


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